Demo Version

The free demo version of Sheets-Contact, although very limited in terms of features, allows you to test this application and its main functionalities (searching, adding, modifying, and deleting contacts).

It is important to test the demo version before any potential purchase.

Copy the File

To get started, copy the Google Sheets demo file: Sheets-Contact - Demo Version

Using the Google Chrome browser is recommended.

Authorize Scripts

Before the first use, you must authorize the file's scripts.

To do this, click on the Contacts button:

google sheets buttons try contact

The first time, an authorization request window will appear. Click on OK:

google sheets authorize scripts try contact

Select your account:

google sheets authorize scripts account try contact

Click on Advanced:

google sheets authorize scripts advanced settings try contact

Then on Go to Sheets-Contact - Demo Version (unsafe):

google sheets authorize scripts access try contact

And finally, click on the Allow button:

google sheets authorize scripts try contact

Test the Application

Once the scripts are authorized, you can click on the Contacts button to open the contact management window:

google sheets demo contact management png try

To simplify your testing, the demo version contains a default database of 100 fictional contacts.

It allows you to test the main functionalities:

However, this demo version remains limited:

This limited version of the application is primarily there to allow you to test the interface and ensure that it displays correctly on your system, and to ensure that its use suits you and meets your needs.