Google Sheets Course: Basic Manipulations (1/4)

Selecting Cells

To select multiple cells, click on a cell and (without releasing the click) select the next range:

google sheets select cells manipulations

Delete the content of these cells by pressing the Delete key:

google sheets delete cells manipulations

Copying Content

Enter the word "Example" in cell A1:

google sheets cell a1 manipulations

To copy this text, position your cursor on the bottom right corner of the cell:

google sheets cell cross manipulations

Then drag the content downwards:

google sheets cell drag manipulations

The content of the cell has been successfully copied to the other cells:

google sheets cell copy manipulations

To copy multiple cells at once, select them:

google sheets cell copy multiple manipulations

Click again on the bottom right corner and drag:

google sheets cells copy manipulations

The copying operation has been successful:

google sheets copied cells manipulations

Delete the content of all cells (click in the top left corner to select everything):

google sheets select all manipulations

Now enter the word "Example 1" in cell A1:

google sheets cell a1 example manipulations

And copy this text downwards and then to the right as before:

google sheets cell incremental copy manipulations

Simply observe the numbers (we will come back to them later in this course)...

Changing the Font

Select column C by clicking on the column letter:

google sheets select column manipulations

Then open the dropdown list of fonts and choose the one that suits you:

google sheets change font manipulations