Google Sheets Course: Basic Manipulations (2/4)

Changing Font Size

Now select cells A6 to C6:

google sheets cell selection manipulations 2

Click on the number to display the dropdown list and change the text size (18 for this example):

google sheets font size manipulations 2

You can also use the + and - to increase or decrease the text size:

google sheets custom font size manipulations 2

Modifying Column Width

As a result of the previous manipulation, part of the text is no longer visible, so we will widen the columns to fix that.

To change the width of a column, place the cursor on the right border of the column like this:

google sheets enlarge column manipulations 2

Click and hold, then adjust the width:

google sheets enlarge column a manipulations 2

But to avoid repeating the operation 3 times (and to obtain identical widths), select the 3 columns directly:

google sheets enlarge columns manipulations 2

And change the width of one of the columns (this change will be applied to the selected 3 columns):

google sheets column width manipulations 2

To adjust the height of rows, the principle is exactly the same.

Bold Text

Select cells A3 to C3 and click on :

google sheets bold text manipulations 2

Italic Text

Select cells A7 to A10 and click on :

google sheets italic text manipulations 2

Underline Text

Apply the underline effect to the same selection by clicking on in the Format menu:

google sheets underlined text manipulations 2

To remove any of these formatting, simply click the same button again.

For example, to remove the italic effect, keep the current selection and click on again:

google sheets cancel text format manipulations 2

Strikethrough Text

Select column B and click on :

google sheets strikethrough text manipulations 2

To apply any of these formatting only to a part of the text, double-click within the cell, select the portion of text you want to format, and apply the formatting:

google sheets strikethrough text part manipulations 2

Undoing Actions

If you make a mistake, you can undo actions by clicking on the arrow (or using the Ctrl + Z shortcut).

Now undo the last 2 actions to cancel the strikethrough formatting:

google sheets undo manipulations 2

If you accidentally undo too many actions, you can redo them by clicking on the arrow (or using Ctrl + Y).