Google Sheets Function: IMPORTRANGE

The IMPORTRANGE function allows importing a range of cells from a specified spreadsheet.

Note that only the values are imported (without formulas or formatting).


=IMPORTRANGE(spreadsheet_url; range_string)

Example of Use

The goal here is to import the content of cells B1 to E8 from the example sheet of the SPLIT function into another spreadsheet.

The example sheet looks like this:

google sheets example importrange

Now enter the IMPORTRANGE function on the new document:


Preview of the data imported into the new document:

google sheets function importrange png

Other Sheets of the Document

In this example, no sheet is specified in the cell range "B1:E8", so the IMPORTRANGE function will import this range from the first sheet of the document.

To import data from "Example 2", add the sheet name "Example 2!B1:E8":

=IMPORTRANGE("","Example 2!B1:E8")