Google Sheets Function: SPLIT

The SPLIT function divides text based on a defined delimiter and places each fragment into a separate cell in the row.


=SPLIT(text, delimiter)


=SPLIT(text, delimiter, split_by_each, remove_empty_text)

Example of Use

The goal here is to use a single SPLIT function per row to complete each column of the table:

google sheets function split

Enter in the SPLIT function:

The formula here is:

google sheets function split divide

This formula is equivalent to:


Retrieve a Single Value

The SPLIT function returns an array of values, and the INDEX function returns one of the values from an array. Therefore, combining these two functions allows for returning a single fragment from SPLIT.

To return only the age (at column 3 of the table), enter:

google sheets function split index
If needed, you can copy the Google Sheets document (or view the document) with these examples.