Named Functions

The "named functions" feature allows you to create new custom functions, for easier use and greater readability of the formulas in your spreadsheet (replacing a long complex formula with a simple one).

This can also allow an advanced user to create complex custom functions so that beginners can use them easily without understanding how they work.

Usage Example

In this example (which is the last example on the SPLIT function page), the following formula is used to extract the age using 2 functions:

google sheets index split named functions

The goal here will be to replace this formula:


With a simpler formula that will do the same job (which we will name, for example, "EXTRACT_AGE"):


To create a new named function, go to "Data" > "Named functions":

google sheets named functions png

Add a new function and complete the various fields:

google sheets add named function png functions

In this example:

Click on the Next button and then provide useful information for the data argument to help users better understand how to use the EXTRACT_AGE function:

google sheets argument named function functions

Then click on the Create button to add the new function.

You can then insert it like other Google Sheets functions:

google sheets insert named functions

Notice how the information entered earlier is displayed in the function help:

google sheets information named function functions

Then simply enter the cell containing the data, here A2:

google sheets use named function functions
If needed, you can copy the Google Sheets document (or view the document) with this example.