Sheets-Contact (contact management)

Sheets-Contact is a contact management application for Google Sheets (clients, collaborators, suppliers, etc.) that is simple to use and very functional.

contacts google sheets png contact management

Brief Features

Search Fields

The application contains 6 search fields (which you can use simultaneously) and displays the results instantly after pressing Enter:

search fields google sheets png contact management

If the searched word is contained in the result, it will then be displayed. For example, by entering "pa" in the First Name field, the application will display all the results whose first name contains the expression "pa" (such as "Paloma", "Patsy", "Opal").


Contacts are classified by groups (for example: Clients, Suppliers, Collaborators, Family, etc). You can create as many groups as necessary (by clicking on the "Groups" button or from the "Contacts" menu):

groups google sheets contact management

Renamable Fields

All fields can be renamed according to your needs. For this, click on "Edit field names" in the "Contacts" menu:

rename fields google sheets png contact management

And simply modify the names in the right column:

google sheets edit field names contact management

Easy Export of Results

To export all the contact data from your search, click on the "Export results" button to export the data to a new sheet:

export google sheets contact management

Variable Dimensions

The contact management window automatically adapts (upon opening) according to the dimensions of your browser:

responsive window google sheets png contact management


This application is available in 2 versions, the single-user version and the multi-user version.

The single-user version is intended to be used by a single user, or occasionally by multiple users but who do not modify data simultaneously.

The multi-user version is intended to be used by one or several users simultaneously (who can all actively work on it).

The particularity of the multi-user version is that it contains additional features for updating data and securing the application in case of multi-user use, including:

Source Code

In the 2 complete versions of this application, the Apps Script code is accessible, readable, and commented:

contacts apps script google sheets application png contact management


The Sheets-Contact application is compatible only with Google Sheets (not compatible with the Google Sheets mobile app which does not support macros, not compatible with Excel or any other spreadsheet).

For optimal performance, the use of the Google Chrome browser is recommended.

Demo Version

The free demonstration version of Sheets-Contact, although very limited in terms of features, allows you to test this application and its main functionalities (searching, adding, modifying, and deleting contacts).

To simplify testing, the demonstration version contains by default a database of 100 fictional contacts.

Try this application: demo version of Sheets-Contact