Google Sheets Course: Tables (Formatting)

The objective of this new lesson is to understand how to apply a table-like formatting (borders, border styles, and background color).


Start by creating a new spreadsheet.

To apply borders to a range of cells, select it, click on then again on to apply borders on all sides:

google sheets borders png tables

You then get a first grid:

google sheets grid tables

You may notice that there are different choices in this drop-down list. These icons tell you where the borders are applied.

Now erase this grid by clicking on :

google sheets selection tables

Keep this selection and apply borders inside the selection by clicking on :

google sheets inner borders tables

Then apply borders around the selection by clicking on to get:

google sheets outer borders tables

Border style

To apply a thicker border to the first row of the table, select cells from A1 to C1, modify the border style:

google sheets thick border style png tables

And apply the border with the chosen style by clicking on to target only the bottom border of the selection:

google sheets thick border tables

Border color

To change the color of a border, the principle is the same as changing the border style.

Now select the range of cells from A2 to C16 and choose the gray border color:

google sheets border color png tables

For this example, also change the border style to the dotted style and apply the borders horizontally and inside the selection by clicking on to get:

google sheets dotted borders tables

Background color

You can change the background colors and the line and column widths as you have already seen in the previous lesson:

google sheets colored table tables

A more practical solution is to select the entire table and then click on "Alternating colors":

google sheets alternating colors png tables

Then choose one of the suggested styles or customize it:

google sheets alternating colors styles png tables

Then validate your choice by clicking on Done.

google sheets alternating table tables

Hide the sheet grid

If you want to hide the cell grid displayed by default, uncheck "Gridlines" in the View menu:

google sheets hide grid tables