Google Sheets Functions: Logical

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Logical Functions

ANDChecks if all tests are TRUE.
BYCOLApplies a LAMBDA function to each column of an array.
BYROWApplies a LAMBDA function to each row of an array.
IFReturns a value based on a condition.
IFERRORReturns a value if there is no error or another value in case of an error.
IFSEvaluates multiple conditions and displays the value corresponding to the first true condition.
LAMBDACreates and returns a custom function.
LETAssigns names to values and then returns the result of a formula.
MAKEARRAYReturns an array with specified dimensions with values calculated by a LAMBDA function.
MAPApplies a LAMBDA function to each value in an array.
ORChecks if at least one of the tests is TRUE.
REDUCEReduces an array to a cumulative result by applying a LAMBDA function.
SCANScans an array and produces intermediate values by applying a LAMBDA function.