Google Sheets Course: Number Format

To start, here is an example of a range of numbers without any particular format:

google sheets numbers number format

Number of Decimals

To set the number of decimals to display, click on .0 or .00 to decrease or increase the number of decimals:

google sheets numbers 2 decimals number format

For example, by reducing the number of decimals to 0, cell A1 will then display 20 (instead of 19.78):

google sheets numbers 0 decimals number format

Note that the application of a format only changes the display, cell A1 will always be worth 19.78 despite the format to 0 decimal:

google sheets numbers 0 decimal number format

If you want to round these numbers instead of simply changing the display of these numbers, you will need to use a function (we will come back to this later in this course).

Monetary Format

To apply the monetary format to the cell range, click on $ or choose this format from the dropdown list:

google sheets formats number format

To choose another currency, click on "Custom Currency":

google sheets other currencies png number format

Percentage Format

To enter 35% (which is equal to 0.35), directly enter 35% in the cell. The number will then be displayed in percent:

google sheets percentage number format

You can also enter 0.35 and then click on % to change the display:

google sheets percent number format