Google Sheets Functions: Math

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Math Functions

CEILINGRounds a number up.
COUNTBLANKReturns the number of empty cells.
COUNTIFReturns the number of cells that match a criterion.
COUNTIFSReturns the number of cells that meet multiple criteria.
FLOORRounds a number down.
MROUNDRounds a number to the nearest multiple of another number.
RANDGenerates a random number.
RANDBETWEENGenerates a random integer between two specified values, inclusive.
ROUNDRounds a number.
SQRTCalculates the square root of a number.
SUMCalculates the sum of a range of numbers.
SUMIFCalculates the sum based on a criterion.
SUMIFSCalculates the sum based on multiple criteria.