Google Sheets Course: Sharing a File

To share a Google Sheets document, click on the Share button:

google sheets share png

Sharing using a link

To get a sharing link and then be able to directly use this link to share the file, select "Anyone with the link":

google sheets share link

Then click on "Copy link" to copy the link and then directly share this link:

google sheets share link copy

Access rights

By default, the document is shared in read-only mode.

If necessary, you can change user rights using the dropdown list on the right:

google sheets share link rights

The different rights:

By clicking on the "Settings" icon in the upper right, you will have access to additional settings:

google sheets share link advanced

Unless in special cases, you can leave the default values:

google sheets share settings

Targeted sharing

To share the file with a limited number of people, you can also directly list the authorized users:

google sheets share email

Copying using a link

To invite the user to directly copy the file, replace the end of the link edit?usp=sharing with copy to get this when clicking on the sharing link:

google sheets share copy document

Example of sharing link with and without copy:

Exporting a file

Another sharing possibility is to export the document, especially in the form of an Excel file (xlsx) and Calc (ods), and then share this file:

google sheets export png share

Note however that some features specific to Google Sheets may not be exported.