Google Sheets Course: Inserting Shapes

To insert a shape, click on "Drawing" in the Insert menu:

google sheets drawing png shapes

A workspace then opens:

google sheets drawing space shapes

Click on the Shape button and choose a shape:

google sheets shape insertion shapes

Then click in the workspace and drag until you get the desired size:

google sheets shape creation shapes

And release:

google sheets shape created shapes


To resize a shape, select it and modify its size by clicking on the small blue squares around the shape and stretching it:

google sheets shape resize shapes


To rotate a shape, click and move the small blue circle above the shape:

google sheets shape rotation shapes

Other modifications

Depending on the chosen shape, there may also be small yellow diamonds on the shape.

By moving these points, you will modify properties specific to the chosen shape (in this case, rounded corners):

google sheets shape angles shapes

Borders and background color

To modify the borders and the background, use:

google sheets shape color shapes

Adding text

To enter text into the shape, double-click on the shape and enter your text:

google sheets shape text shapes

Then format the text with the available options (similar to what was seen earlier):

google sheets formatted text shapes

Insertion onto the sheet

When your shape is finished, click on the "Save and Close" button to insert it onto the sheet:

google sheets shape insertion sheet shapes

To modify this shape again, simply double-click on it.

Add a new shape

If you add new shapes in the same workspace:

google sheets 2 shapes insertion

These shapes will then be automatically grouped on the sheet:

google sheets shapes insertion grouped

If you need independent shapes, insert each shape from the Insert menu:

google sheets shapes insertion independent