Google Sheets Course: Inserting Text

Text Box

To insert a text box (in other words, text that positions above cells), click on "Drawing" in the Insert menu:

google sheets insert drawing png text

Click on and insert the text box in the workspace as if it were a shape:

google sheets insert text box

Then enter your text:

google sheets drawing text box

And modify its formatting:

google sheets insertion text box

After inserting it onto the sheet, you can move it above the cells as if it were a shape:

google sheets text box


You can combine a text box with other text boxes, images and shapes.

For example, this same text box has been resized, slightly rotated and combined here with an image:

google sheets text image png

To obtain:

google sheets text image postit png

Word Art Text

To insert Word Art text, click again on "Drawing" in the Insert menu:

google sheets insert drawing text

Then click on "Word Art" in the Actions menu:

google sheets insert wordart text

Enter your text:

google sheets text

To create its Word Art version:

google sheets wordart text

Finally, modify the text formatting to achieve the desired effect:

google sheets wordart text gradient

Shadow Effect

To add a shadow effect, create a copy of the Word Art object and modify its formatting with a gray background and no borders:

google sheets wordart text shadow

Then place the gray text below the other one (if necessary you can change the order of the images by right clicking > Sort):

google sheets wordart text gradient shadow
To easily move and position the shadow, use the keyboard navigation keys and hold the Shift key to reduce movements.

And insert your Word Art text onto the sheet:

google sheets wordart text