Google Sheets Course: Formula Copying

Copy a Formula

The simplest formula that refers to a cell is to enter a = and click on the chosen cell:

google sheets equal formula autofill

The formula =A1 simply returns the value of cell A1:

google sheets simple formula autofill

If you now copy this formula:

google sheets formula copy autofill

You will notice that the formula is also incremented.

Initially, cell B1 contains the formula =A1 and in the end cell B6 contains the formula =A6:

google sheets copied formula autofill

Copy a Function

Although the functions will not be detailed until the next lesson, know that copying works in the same way as with the simple formula in the example above.

In this example, the formula =SUM(B2:B4) returns the sum of cells B2 to B4:

google sheets copy function autofill formula

If this function is now copied:

google sheets copy function sum autofill formula

The range of cells is then shifted by 1 column each time.

The function of column B therefore sums the cells of column B, the function of column C that of column C and the function of column D that of column D:

google sheets copy function sum result autofill formula