Google Sheets Course: Basic Manipulations (3/4)

Horizontal Alignment

Now enter "100" in cell B14 and copy this value to cell C16:

google sheets 100 manipulations 3

Select cells B12 to C15:

google sheets range manipulations 3

To align to the left, click on the drop-down list then on the choice :

google sheets left alignment png manipulations 3

To center the text, click on the same drop-down list then on :

google sheets center alignment manipulations 3

To align to the right, choose :

google sheets right alignment manipulations 3

Vertical Alignment

Now enlarge the height of row 6:

google sheets enlarge row manipulations 3

Select cell B6 and center it vertically by clicking on the drop-down list then on the choice :

google sheets vertical alignment png manipulations 3

Then select cell C6 and align it vertically to the top by choosing :

google sheets vertical alignment top manipulations 3

Cell Merging

Merging allows to group several cells to make them into one.

Select the cells from A7 to C8 then click on the icon :

google sheets merge manipulations 3

Since several cells contain data, a warning will remind you that in case of merging only the value of the upper left cell will be kept.

You then obtain:

google sheets merged cells manipulations 3

Now select the cells from A9 to C11 then click on the drop-down list of merging and choose "Merge horizontally":

google sheets merge horizontally png manipulations 3

In this case, the cells are merged only horizontally:

google sheets horizontal merge manipulations 3

The principle is the same for vertical merging.

Background Color

To change the background color of a cell click on then on the desired color.

Now apply the color "dark blue 2" to cell B6:

google sheets cell background color png manipulations 3

Text Color

To change the text color of this cell, click on and choose a color:

google sheets cell text color png manipulations 3